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Echilibru de tranzacționare

echilibru de tranzacționare

Balance[ edit ] Unlike continental European trading hubs such as Zeebrugge and TTF, trades made at the NBP are not required to be balanced, and there is no fixed penalty for being out of balance. Instead, shippers out of balance at the end of the day are automatically balanced through the 'cash-out' procedure whereby the shipper is automatically made to buy or sell the echilibru de tranzacționare quantity of gas to balance their position at the marginal system buy or sell price for that day.

echilibru de tranzacționare

This cash out process is not considered to be a penalty in the same way as those imposed on shippers in continental markets, because the cash-out prices are often very close to the spot price.

As a result of this daily market liquidity, the UK's NBP is frequently used to balance a shipper's position on the continent by way of the Bacton — Zeebrugge interconnector.

Gestionarea tranzacțiilor Prețul de ieșire din tranzacție După ce ați finalizat toți pașii menționați mai sus, aveți nevoie de un singur lucru: răbdare. Piața este ca o umbră.

National Grid plc[ edit ] National Grid plc is the network operator transmission system operator in Great Britain. National Grid has the power echilibru de tranzacționare bring the system into balance, if shippers as a whole are out of balance.

This is achieved by trading on the OCM see below and passing the cost onto gas shippers through the cash-out system. When the system is short of gas it tends to force prices at the NBP up. When the system is long gas, the price is forced down.

echilibru de tranzacționare

This can provide an advantageous trading environment to a shipper which has flexible flow contracts. The minimum amount of gas that may be traded on the OCM is 4, therms, so if a shipper's position is long or short by a volume less than 4, therms they may be forced simply to leave their balance to cash out.

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